Nan Travel Guide

Few travelers make the effort to get to Nan, but they should because it is a beautiful in northern Thailand which is yet to be obtusely developed for tourism.

Nan is one of the original seven kingdoms of Lanna, and has a rich and detailed heritage. The numerous Buddhist temples that dot the wide, quiet streets of town are all interesting and most date back centuries. For a look at the history of Nan, the Nan National Museum provides a great collection of both Buddhist relics and items from the many regional hill tribes.

Although the tourism industry is in its infancy in Nan, all the usual outdoor activities are still available. You may have to be more self-sufficient here, but the trekking is superb and the Nan River perfect for boating. There is even a stretch of rapids that rage during the rainy season.

Surrounding Nan are some amazing natural sites such as the Doi Phu Kha National Park with its web of walking trails, waterfalls and mountain scenery. Tham Phah Tup Forest Reserve is the place for caving just a few minutes north of town.

Getting There & Away

Nan has its own airport which receives irregular flights from Chiang Mai, Bangkok and a couple of other regional towns. The bus is the best way to reach Nan if you don’t fly, although journeys can be long and arduous. It is also possible to rent a car and make the drive yourself in around 3 hours. The scenery along the way is some of Thailand’s best.

Things to Do

Nan Attractions

Nan National Museum

In one stop you can learn about the ancient kings of nan, the hill tribes who live in the area and the rich legacy of buddhism in the town.

Tham Phah Tup Forest Reserve

Some 17 caves await those interested in what lies under nan.

Doi Phu Kha National Park

An amazing park filled with walking trails, waterfalls and hill tribe villages.