A staggering landmass of diverse and textured natural offerings where heritage and traditions change as much as the landscape, North America, often mistaken to comprise only the USA, includes the unique countries of Canada and Bermuda. North America has something to suit all tastes and types. From the picture perfect setting of the famed Florida Keys to the sparse and chilly snow covered Alaskan regions, visitors are rarely prepared for what North America has to offer.

With Native American culture a mainstay in some of the most picturesque settings around the American plains and the uniquely modern heritage of the greater American population, cultural exploration will need more time than just a short holiday. New York, one the great American landmarks, is a metropolis that leaves visitors feeling as if they have just walked onto the set of an epic movie, while places like San Francisco and the state of California are hugely popular for their own unique charms.

Canada, with a wealth of French character, prime skiing conditions and a vibrantly rich heritage, offers yet another experience. Bermuda, comprising nearly 200 islands linked by bridges and home to some of the most spectacular beaches, is the perfect place to head to for a relaxing retreat and that unparalleled ocean side revitalisation.

From soaring skyscrapers, oversized plates of the best junk food and a ‘bigger is better’ mind set to sprawling deserts and cloud tipping mountain ranges stretching the length of a large country, North America is a place where diversity is a way of life, not a choice.

Visitors can partake in all manner of activities in the new world. From extreme sports such as mountain biking, skiing, water sports, sky diving and much more, surrounded by almost any scenic beauty imaginable to quiet spa retreats, natural exploration and city slicking, there are few people on earth who won’t be able to find something to delight them on this mind-blowing continent.