Kamphaeng Phet Province Travel Guide

Kamphaeng Phet is largely visited for its historical ruins in the provincial capital of the same name. Situated in north-central Thailand and neighboring Phitsanulok, Sukhothai, Phichit, Tak and Nakhon Sawan provinces, Kamphaeng Phet province is mountainous in the west and flat in the east, and a big banana producer.

Divided into old and new quarters, the provincial capital of Kamphaeng Phet is enclosed by Sukhothai era walls that protect a historical park of UNESCO World Heritage site status, with the word ‘Kamphaeng’ meaning ‘wall’ and the word ‘Phet’ meaning ‘diamond’.

Most accommodations in Kamphaeng Phet city reside in the new town, yet visitors typically spend most of their visit in the old town, where a number of local restaurants are present. The new town faces the Ping river, which is lined with an attractive range of hotels and guesthouses, some of which provide excellent tourist information. This area is ideal for strolling or cycling.

The new quarter of the city is also home to the night market, where authentic local treats such as fried grasshoppers and silkworms await adventurous gourmands. Also not to be missed is sampling the province’s locally-grown bananas, with the best time to try the fruit being during the annual Banana Festival.

Also of interest is the Kamphaeng Phet National Museum, where ancient objects such as sculptures and celadon products can be admired. From the provincial capital, visitors can make day or overnight trips to Khlong Lan National Park, 37 miles (60kms) away.

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