Doi Phu Kha National Park Travel Guide

Doi Phu Kha National Park is the main nature preserve in Nan province, an underexplored corner of the eastern edges of northern Thailand bordering Laos.

Due to the lack of visitors, this mountainous park is still home to an excellent range of exotic wildlife such as elephants, deer, bears, gibbons and countless birds. The park is known for its scenic viewpoints, especially atop Doi Phu Kha and the cliffs of Phalan Hin and Na Pha.

Numerous waterfalls such as Phu Fa, Sila Phet, Mae Charim, and Tat Luang are all worth making the effort to see. Some of them can be accessed easily by car, while others require a healthy hike to reach. The park is also riddled with large limestone caves that are amazing to explore. The most beautiful is Tham Pha Kao.

Another amazing geological feature is Than Nam Lot, where an underground river flows up through a cave with noisy and dramatic effect akin to an upside down waterfall. Visitors should also check out the Palm Primitive Forest, one of the only original palm forests in Thailand. Very few visitors make this park a wonderful place to unwind.

Getting There & Away

The small town of Nan serves as the base for trips into Doi Phu Kha. There is a tiny airport in Nan that handles weekly flights from Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Visitors can more easily take a VIP bus from either Bangkok or Chiang Mai that takes around 12 hours and 5 hours respectively.