Lampang Province Travel Guide

Lampang, in the north of Thailand, is home to various cultural sights and horse-drawn carriages. The medium-sized province offers pleasant weather that is typical in the north of Thailand and has a rich, long history dating back more than 1,000 years, encompassing the ancient civilizations of Lanna, Burma and Hariphunchai.

The provincial capital shares its name with the province and is home to a host of sights, including beautiful temples with stunning architecture and important Buddha statues. The highlights in Lampang including Wat Phra Kaeo Don, where the famous Emerald Buddha was once located, and Wat Si Rong Muang, an exquisite Burmese temple to the west of the city.

Outside downtown Lampang town are several interesting sights. The Kiu Lom Dam, originally built for irrigation, is now a popular hotspot offering boating and rafting. Spending a night on raft is an option, while visiting nearby cliffs, isles and quaint fishing villages can your visit more worthwhile.

Other notable spots are the Thai Elephant Conservation Center, where you can watch elephant shows and feed elephants, and the Khun Than mountain range, with scenic views of the surroundings. Nature lovers can also visit the Tham Pha Thai and the Chae Son national parks and the spectacular Wang Kaeo waterfall, major places for relaxation in Lampang.

Lampang offers a wide range of accommodations for tourists, while there are numerous watering holes located along the river. Local markets and a few shopping centers are scattered around the provincial capital, which can easily be explored on foot or via a horse-drawn carriage.

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