Phetchabun Province Travel Guide

Located 215 miles from the capital of Bangkok, and almost in the geographical center of Thailand, the lower northern province of Petchabun is a fertile region known for its agricultural productivity (its name means the ‘land of crops and food). An historically prosperous area due to the abundance of its harvests, with a pleasant climate and unspoiled mountains and forests, it has unfortunately never known popularity as a holiday destination.

However, like other provinces within the kingdom, Petchabun is no less accommodating when it comes to religious sites of historical importance or beauty and offers a number of temples as well as a few parks for those travelers intrepid enough to visit.

Wat Traiphum temple in the town proper is home to an image of the Buddha as old as the town itself. Crafted in the ornate Lopburi style, Phra Buddha Maha Thammaracha is said to have been found by the city’s inhabitants in the Pa Sak river and invited ashore to rest within the monastery. Vanishing, it was later found in the same place and once again invited ashore.

An interesting annual celebration has evolved around the legend with the Buddha image paraded through the city until arriving at the spot where it was originally found and then the provincial governor carrying it into the water. The yearly Sart festival of Petchabun is believed to protect the inhabitants of the city.