Sukhothai Province Travel Guide

Situated in the Yom Valley, the name Sukothai translates as ‘the dawn of happiness’. The mountainous forested areas of the province are protected by Sri Sachanalai to the northwest and the Ramkhamhaeng National Park to the south.

The old city has long been a popular attraction among tourists, and has been designated a World Heritage site. The site stretches over 70 square kilometers (12 square miles) and is enclosed in the Sukothai National Historic Park.

As well as the famous Sukothai Historical Park, the Sri Sachanalai Historical Park is worth a visit. Both sites are protected by UNESCO and contain the ruins of extraordinary monuments. Other highlights include the Sri Sachanalai National Park and Khao Lang, both featuring picturesque scenery.

Sukothai features an excellent public transport network and a decent range of accommodation options. Frequent buses link the province with towns and cities all over the country.