Mae Hong Son Province Travel Guide

A province in the northern part of Thailand, Mae Hong Son has charming ambiance and isn’t as commercial as neighboring Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai.

Home to many lovely rolling hills and the beautiful Jong Kham Lake, Mae Hong Son is one of Thailand’s most scenic provinces. Thanks to its location in the center of the region, the province also makes a great base to explore other neighboring areas.

Only a short flight from Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son’s provincial capital is quite big and boasts pleasant weather and true northern hospitality. Downtown Mae Hong Son is dotted with many old buildings that have been made into homey restaurants, guesthouses, convenient stores and small boutiques.

There are also many temples to explore and get a glimpse of the local lifestyle and the strong religious belief of making merit. Phratat Doi Gongmoo temple offers stunning architecture, while Wat Phra Non boasts a large reclining Buddha statue.

Surrounding Mae Hong Son are some popularly-visited villages inhabited by the Lisu, Lahu and Karen. Visit these villages and find out about their long history of settlement. You can also buy hand-woven silk and cotton or local outfits as souvenirs to bring home.

Trekking is popular in Hae Hong Son, and many options are provided for trekkers from half-day trekking to two- to three-day foot expedition. Hardcore trekkers can even make it to the picturesque village of Pai, where stylish caf├ęs and chic guesthouses complement cheaper bohemian style lodgings.

The best time to visit Mae Hong Son is in the winter, when the air is clear and the weather is cool. Full-on facilities and a wide range of accommodations are provided for visitors, while there are regular flights to Mae Hong Son town and Pai from Chiang Mai regularly.