Uttaradit Province Travel Guide

Located in the valley of the Nan river in northern Thailand, Uttaradit is surrounded by Nan, Phrae, Sukothai and Phitsanulok provinces, with Laos’s Xaignabouli province lying to its east. The Sirikit dam lies close to the city of Uttaradit and the world’s tallest teak tree can be found at the beautiful Ton Sak Yai Park. The province is divided by the Phumieng Mountains.

Formerly one of the Nan river’s major trading towns, Uttaradit is a place of natural beauty. Highlights include the Lam Nam Nan, Phu Soi Dao and Klong Tron national parks as well as an abundance of caves, waterfalls and interesting temples.

Luring mainly Thai tourists as well as a smattering of foreign travelers, the provincial capital Uttaradit contains a handful of hotels and guesthouses, with home stay options available throughout the rest of the province. Uttaradit is well connected to the rest of the country by road.

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