Bangkok Travel Guide

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and is virtually unavoidable for anyone travelling to the country. It is a popular tourist destination and is home to a busy international airport, which is the main gateway into the country.

There are thousands of hotels in the bustling capital as well as an abundance of tourist attractions, shopping malls, restaurants and bars all of which complement the famous floating markets and temples. The City of Angels (as it is also known) is easy to explore by tuk tuk, taxi, bus, motorbike or simply walking the streets.

There are many contrasts in the city, with the towering skyscrapers lining the city skyline and just below them are the slums and squats where the poorer residents live. Glitzy cars drive the roads while old wooded food carts are pushed along the side by people who often don’t even have shoes. This part of Bangkok can take some getting used to, but when the initial shock wears off, you can start taking in some of the wonderful sights and attractions.

Bangkok is a busy metropolis that is always on the move. Everything here is busy and frantic and even shopping in the many malls can be as invigorating as a good workout at the gym. Bangkok is famous for its shopping opportunities; which include markets, jewelers and tailors. After a hard day’s shopping and sightseeing, a massage is the ultimate de-stress therapy. There are countless massage spas around the city as well as beauty parlors where pedicures, manicures, facials and body scrubs are order of the day.

Hotels and guest houses line every street from the center of the city out to the suburbs. Khao San Road is famous for its budget accommodation while the banks of the Chao Phraya river are home to five star luxury hotels. There is something to suit every budget and every preference. Dining options in the city vary from Thai food stalls selling quick and simple bites to top quality restaurants serving dishes cooked by world class chefs.

Getting There & Away

Bangkok boasts a large international airport known as Suvanabhumi Airport. It only opened in 2007 and welcomes hundreds of domestic and international flights every day. Hualamphong is Bangkok’s main train station and handles routes all over the country including routes down to the popular holiday islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. There are three main bus stations offering the cheapest way to travel in and out of the city.

Bangkok Attractions

The Grand Palace: Constructed in 1782, this building commemorates the dynasty of the thai royal family.

Wat Phra Kaew: Found next to the grand palace and is home to the most sacred image in the country, the emerald buddha.

Wat Pathum Wannaram: A quiet temple set in the forest away from the chaos of the city.

Lumpini Park: A peaceful location filled with lakes, canals, grassy areas and trees.

Dusit Throne Hall: Boasts an interesting display of arts and crafts from clothes to sculptures.

Phra Sumen Fort: Sits on the pretty riverbanks and home to a nice park area that is popular with locals.

Wat Po: The most complex and largest temple in thailand and it is also home to the oldest buddha in the country.

Wat Arun: The former home of the emerald buddha and full of interesting images and a good view.

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