Central Luzon is found in the northern Philippines and consists of seven provinces. It supplies rice to most of the country and is known locally as the ‘Rice Bowl’.

Being such a large region there is a wide variety of activities to do for almost every kind of traveler. Subic Bay, situated on the west coast, is home to the largest US Armed Forces base on foreign soil after the previous bigger Clark Air Force Base was shut down in 1991. With Subic Bay having been a strategic point in WWII, there are many ship wrecks in the surrounding waters which are a haven for divers to explore.

Angeles City in Pampanga Province has gained the nickname of ‘entertainment capital’ due to its location near the former US Clark Airbase. At its peak, the base was home to over 15,000 male service personnel and the city kept them entertained accordingly. Fields Avenue in Angeles City is a tight area of urbanization mainly filled up with cheap beer bars, largely frequented by foreign sex tourists.

Aurora Province sits on the east coast of Central Luzon and is an adventure all on its own. It comes complete with snaking paths and mud tracks which crisscross the mountain tops. It is not for the timid traveler, but with crystal clear waterfalls to explore and scenery that you have only dreamed of, it is worth the trek. Baler, the capital of the province, is a great spot for those that like to surf the ocean waves.

Bataan Province to the south of Central Luzon is largely overlooked by visitors. Yet the region is steeped in culture and history and if you would like to see what non-touristy parts of the Philippines are like, head here.

Mount Pinatubo is a volcano located in Pampanga Province and the sight of one of the biggest eruptions of the 20th century. More than 60,000 people were evacuated from the area in 1991 when the volcano blew and it is now a sight you can view by small plane or a trek.

Getting There & Away

With Manila International Airport just an hour’s bus ride from the Central Luzon region, everything is in easy reach. No matter where you are heading to in the area, you can reach it within 12 hours by bus from Manila.

Things to Do

Central Luzon Attractions

Subic Bay

Littered with old ship wrecks some dating back over a hundred years.

Angeles City

This is the somewhat sleazy nightlife capital of the philippines.

Mount Pinatubo

Site of the eruption of 1991 that rolled over angeles city devastating masses of infrastructure.

Clark Air Force Base

Formally the largest us military base outside america, it is now being re-developed.

Aurora Province

Area of natural beauty with waterfalls and breathtaking views out over the pacific.

Onward Travel