Calamba offers more than the distinction of being the birthplace of Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines. It is also a popular tourist destination for its hot spring resorts and golf courses.

Located about an hour south of Manila, Calamba is best known for its hot spring resorts, particularly the ones clustered in Barangay Pansol. There are more than 100 resorts and private pools with recreational facilities in the area due to the abundance of natural hot springs.

The city is also famous for the Canlubang Golf and Country Club, which has been the site of many major Philippine Golf Tournaments. Culturally speaking, Calamba is the site of the Rizal Shrine, which serves as a museum containing the childhood memorabilia of Jose Rizal.

Lying on the northern slopes of the dormant volcano Mount Makiling, Calambas is surrounded by lush mountainous scenery. There are decent trekking options in the area as well as other outdoor recreation. The city itself is unremarkable, known mainly as a major industrial center for the region.

Getting There & Away

Calamba is just an hour south of Manila, so it is a fairly easy destination to reach from the city. Buses run regularly throughout the day from Manila and other nearby cities. Since Calamba lies at the southern terminus of the South Luzon Expressway, it’s easy to get to if you want to rent your own car as well. Manila’s airport is a major international gateway with flights to North America, the Middle East and regional destinations.

Things to Do

Calamba Attractions

Barangay Pansol

The nexus of the hot spring resort realm.

Canlubang Golf and Country Club

Play a round of golf on this lovely championship course.

Rizal Shrine

Learn more about the early days of the philippines’ national hero, jose rizal.

Side trips from Calamba

Mount Makiling

Take a refreshing hike on the hills of this dormant volcano.