Anilao is regarded as the best place to scuba dive in the Philippines. There are countless dive sites here which are suitable for everyone and beautiful beaches to enjoy.

The area is totally focused on diving and snorkeling, with dozens of dive schools to choose from as well accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. If you don’t fancy diving, you can simply lie back on the beach and relax or enjoy a leisurely swim in the pristine ocean.

Anilao is brimming with coral and sea life, mainly due to the transplant of a coral reef back in 1965. A reef was placed onto a rock formation and has since thrived, making the area a diver’s haven.

Just north of Anilao is a pleasant town called Nasugbu, which also boasts some great South China Sea dive sites and is quieter than its neighbor. There are tasty fresh seafood restaurants everywhere and the sea is home to turtles, puffer fish, sharks and other rare sea creatures.

The clear waters provide wonderful photo opportunities and visibility is excellent out of the rainy season. In terms of seeing a multitude of species per square foot, Anilao is perfect and behind Sombrero Island lives a 25-foot hammerhead shark that is a major draw for keen big fish enthusiasts.

Getting There & Away

Anilao is only an hour or so by car from Manila, where you will find the nearest international airport. From Manila the new Star Highway will take you straight to Anilao either by bus, car or taxi. From Puerto Galera to Anilao you can take a bus and boat combination that takes 3 to 4 hours to Batanges, then a minivan or taxi to Anilao.

Things to Do

Anilao Attractions

Anilao Beach

The main beach is made from white soft sand and there are regular windsurfing competitions held here.

Ligpo Island diving site

Visibility can reach up to 80 feet and there are caves and reefs to explore, but watch out for the sudden current changes in this area. mooray eels, catfish and squid are regular inhabitants.

The Cathedral diving site

A marine park sanctuary with deep waters and great snorkeling areas as well with coral reefs and large shoals of fish in the shallow areas.

Arthurs Rock and Dead Point

A calm diving site with gentle slopes and an abundance of reef dwelling fish like clownfish and angelfish.

Side trips from Anilao

Bat Cave

Located close to nasugbu, this cave is a local cuttlefish breeding ground that is also home to a colony of bats that live in the partly submerged cave.

Pink Wall

A dive site that flourishes with pink coral and turtles.