The Manila suburb of Las Pinas has come a long way from its 17th-century fishing roots. Today, it’s a major center of commerce and industry best known for its unique Bamboo Pipe Organ and the festival surrounding it.

Las Pinas is called ‘a city of unparalleled progress’, which is good for business but not particularly appealing for tourism. Its singular attraction is the world famous Bamboo Pipe Organ housed in the Las Pinas Church, which dates to 1819.

The construction of the South Superhighway put Las Pinas within easy reach of sprawling Manila, so it’s mainly an urban industrial center and bedroom community for the megacity.

Most visitors come here for the annual week-long International Bamboo Organ Festival, a highlight of the Manila calendar. Made almost entirely of bamboo, this massive organ was first played in 1824, and continues to draw fascinated visitors to Las Pinas Church to see this amazing musical instrument. Such is its uniqueness, that it is now a Philippines National Cultural Treasure.

Getting There & Away

Las Pinas is easy to reach by road along the South Superhighway from Manila. It takes less than an hour to reach the town from the megacity by bus or rental car. Manila hosts one of the world’s busiest airports, which handles daily flights from nearly every country on earth.

Things to Do

Las Pinas Attractions

Las Pinas Church

The famous bamboo pipe organ is housed in this spanish colonial church dating back to the 1800s.


International Bamboo Organ Festival

A week-long highlight of the manila calendar that is well worth attending.