Marinduque Travel Guide

Although not as popular as many beach areas in the Philippines, Marinduque is a pleasant place to spend a day or two, especially if you plan on taking a boat trip to explore the nearby islands.

Also known as the Three Kings, the Tres Reyes Islands are a chain of three islands where peace and quiet is guaranteed. These are excellent places for swimming and diving in the crystal clear waters, while many people choose to spread out on the sand and simply soak up the sun for an hour or two.

A great way to explore Marinduque is by hiring a tricycle or jeepney and taking a tour of the island. Fares are negotiable and the best place to get a good deal is at the main tricycle terminal and jeepney terminals, where the prices are fixed.

Getting There & Away

Marinduque has its own airport and there are regular flights from Manila (40 minutes). Ferries also call in at Marinduque port from places such as Lucena City, Luzon, Balanacan Port, Cawit Port and Buyabod Port.

Things to Do

Marinduque Attractions

Bathala Caves

This huge cave system is a great place to explore, especially if you enjoy climbing rocks and hiking through the dense jungle.

Red Mountain

Climb to the very top for spectacular views across marinduque.

Side trips from Marinduque

Tres Reyes Islands

This chain of three islands is an ideal spot to get in some beach action and relaxation.

Onward Travel

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