Otherwise recognized as the ‘City of Seven Lakes’, San Pablo is located in the province of Laguna in southwestern Luzon and is one of the oldest municipalities in the Philippines. Almost entirely enclosed by dormant volcanic cones, the city is home to seven small crater lakes.

Found directly behind the city hall, Sampaloc Lake, the youngest and largest crater lake, is one of San Pablo’s major tourist spots. It is lined with fish pens and little cottages built on bamboo stilts, while several floating restaurants are scattered along its shoreline serving mouthwatering Filipino and Chinese cuisine. Situated four and a half kilometres outside the city, the beautiful Bunot Lake is known for its cultured tilapias and is a pleasant site for picnics and swimming.

Every year, San Pablo hosts the Coconut Festival for a week, when participants in colorful costumes sing, dance, play instruments and ride on various floats, the event culminating on January 15. The city also welcomes the New Year with spectacular fireworks over Sampaloc Lake.

Getting There & Away

Situated 80kms southeast of Manila and its international airport, San Pablo can be reached by vehicle within 90 minutes from the capital. Major bus companies ply the well- maintained provincial roads to and from neighboring urban centers on a daily basis.

Things to Do

San Pablo Attractions

1 - Sampaloc Lake

Dotted with floating restaurants, this is the city’s main draw.

Bunot Lake

A relaxing site for swimming and picnicking.


Coconut Festival

A vibrant week-long event held every year in january.