Located some 230kms northeast of Manila, Baler is the capital municipality of Aurora and the province’s political and economical hub. It is best known for hosting the yearly International Aurora Surfing Cup.

The town features fantastic geographic formations and is set on a huge plain at the estuary of Baler Bay, an adjacent part of the Philippine Sea. Waves up to nine feet high serve as the region’s tourist benefit and draw hundreds of surfers from all over the globe who compete for the Aurora Cup each February, particularly at Sabang and Cemento beaches. Scuba divers will be delighted by the coral-rich islands of Aniao, Lukso-Lukso and Dimadimalangat that lie just of the coast.

A historic attraction in town is Baler Church, where the last Spanish garrison was besieged by Filipino insurgents between 1898 and 1899, the Spanish troops’ last pocket of resistance to capitulate to American Armed Forces. This is also where an ancient bell, la Campana de Baler, was used and afterward stored as a relic.

A further place of interest in Baler is President Quezon Memorial Park. Set in the heart of the town, this is where the late Philippine president was born and where his house once stood. The park features a marker displaying a short life account of the president who is regarded as a true hero by the entire nation.

Travel to Baler - getting there

There are regular buses running from Manila to the Central Terminal in Baler, the journey taking 6 to 7 hours. SEAir has flights from Manila to Baler, the flight taking around 45 minutes. The airfield is just 20 minutes away from the town.

In brief

Worth it? Definitely a must-go for surfing enthusiasts.

What to do: ride on nine-foot high waves at Sabang Bay.

Best time to go: there is no recommended period since the region experiences evenly distributed rainfall throughout the whole year.

How long? A day is enough to see Baler.

Trivia: Baler is well-known for hosting the International Aurora Surfing Cup.

Baler attractions

  • Sabang Bay: this is the location of the International Aurora Surfing Cup.
  • Baler Church: the last pocket of Spanish resistance.
  • President Quezon Memorial Park: the birthplace of the late Philippine president.


  • 1 - International Aurora Surfing Cup: held in February at Sabang and Cemento beaches and drawing surfers from around the globe.