Named the tourist capital of Laguna Province, the little town of Pagsanjan is placed around 90kms south of Manila. This spot belongs to the 25 premier top-notch tourist destinations in the Philippines and presents outstanding natural wonders and scenic panoramas.

The town is world-renowned for its magnificent Pagsanjan Falls, which are undoubtedly the major tourist draw in the area. A particular highlight is the spine-tingling two-hour ride in a canoe (bangca) steered by skillful boatmen through 14 roaring rapids leading to the two towering main falls. You can then change to a bamboo raft (balsa) that is maneuvered through the cascading water until you reach a hidden cave formed by the walls of a gorge.

Pagsanjan also hosts the Bangkero Festival, which is celebrated every first week of March. The bangkeros are the tour guides who navigate the tourist canoes and shoot the rapids to the Pagsanjan Falls. This exciting event features fluvial parades, drum and lyre band competitions, street dancing, a chorale fest, trade fair, cultural night, and sports events among others and attracts visitors from all over the globe.

Getting There & Away

Situated around 90kms south of Manila, Pagsanjan can be easily accessed by bus or car in less than 2 hours. Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport is 12kms south of the city center.

Things to Do

Pagsanjan Attractions

Pagsanjan Falls

A boat ride through 14 rapids to the main falls is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.


Bangkero Festival

Celebrated in early march, this lively celebration takes its name after the bangkeros who navigate the rapids en route to pagsanjan falls.