Catanduanes Travel Guide

Catanduanes is located southeast of Luzon and boasts rugged mountains and rolling hills that are scenically placed in exotic surroundings. The province is made up of a collection of 11 districts.

The coastal municipalities in the region are Caramoran and Pandan and 10 of the 11 districts in the province are also coastal, with only one landlocked town. There are a few festivals that are worth attending throughout the year including the Sugbo Festival held in Caramoran in May, and locals always welcome visitors with a friendly smile.

The Catanduanes coastline stretches for an impressive 400kms and the landscape is made up of rugged mountains and white sandy beaches. There are undiscovered caves and a vast array of marine life in the sea. It is also known as the ‘Land of Howling Winds’ due to its location as the first Philippine archipelago that touches the Pacific Ocean.

There are two tongues spoken in the area; Tagalog and Bicol, and almost all of the residents have been citizens since birth. The towering peak of Boctot sits between Virac and San Miguel and is a popular tourist attraction.

Getting There & Away

Manila is 1 hour away by air and home to the nearest international airport. There are also buses that run to and from Manila that take 10 hours to Tabaco, a journey that needs to be followed by a 3 hour, 30 minute sea ferry journey to the capital of Catanduanes, Virac.

Things to Do

Catanduanes Attractions

Luyang Cave

The cave is made from limestone and is filled with a grotto, an altar and calcite stoneflows.

Marinawa Falls

The waterfall drops onto the beach and there are great picnic areas close to the cascade.

Nahulugan Falls

A three-tier cascade surrounded by lush forest and plants.


Sugbo Festival

Caramoran’s annual festival of sugbo is held in may.

Onward Travel

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