Barrio Barretto sits in Subic Bay, near to the Filipino city of Olongapo. It is home to amazing beaches, fertile jungle and great diving sites as well as a wide range of accommodation.

The region offers many water-based activities to take part in, from scuba diving and snorkeling to fishing, kayaking and parasailing. Pinatuba volcano is nearby and there are seaplane trips that can be booked to see the view from the air. You can also kayak in the crater of the volcano and surf at the nearby Capones Islands.

Subic is home to one of the best diving sites in the world and is full of ship wrecks that date back to WWII to explore. Among the wrecks that prove so popular with avid divers are the El Captain and San Quentin. There is also an aquarium with dolphins, sharks and sea lions as well as a whole host of more unusual fish.

The majority of Olongapo’s beachfront hotels can be found in Barrio Barretto, and Driftwood Beach is prone to getting busy in the summer months with locals as well as holiday makers. There are a few bars in Barrio Barretto and a handful of nice restaurants that are famous for their diverse range of cuisine.

Getting There & Away

Manila is home to the largest and closest international airport and is a 3-hour journey from Olongapo City. The Northern Expressway will take you from Manila to Barrio Barretto, from where you can take country roads through villages to get to Subic Bay. There are also buses that run from the capital about four times a week that have a journey time of 4 hours or you can hire a car from the airport and self-drive.

Things to Do

Barrio Barretto And Subic Attractions

El Captain diving site

A popular diving site made up from an old ship that was wrecked during wwii.

San Quentin diving site

Sunk back in 1898, this ship’s skeleton is home to a huge amount of marine life and is one of the most popular diving sites in the area.

Ocean Adventure Park

An aquarium that has a wide variety of sea life and is a popular attraction.

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