Corregidor is a small island protecting the entrance of Manila Bay in the Philippines. Also known as The Rock, it served as a hub for Allied naval defences during WWII, and is the site of several important historic military events.

When Corregidor fell to the Japanese, it marked the end of the American presence in the Philippines. It is now one of the Philippines’ most important historic and tourist sites, and a popular destination for military history buffs. The entire island is a fortress and the silent guns and ruined barracks remain where they were when the Americans surrendered.

There are numerous remnants of the Battle of the Philippines on Corregidor. Most travel companies in Manila offer day tours of the major highlights such as Pacific War Memorial, the Malinta Tunnel, and the Filipino Heroes Memorial with its 14 huge murals depicting famous battle scenes. Most visitors take the informative tour, which is conducted in pre-war streetcars oozing character.

Corregidor’s Topside is the highest point on the island, and home to major monuments and ruins like the Mile-Long Barracks, Post Headquarters, Eternal Flame of Freedom, Spanish Flagpole, Cine Corregidor, and the Spanish Lighthouse. Anyone with an interest in wartime history will find this island fascinating. There is even the Corregidor Hotel on the island if you want to spend more than a single day.

Getting There & Away

Manila’s international airport is just minutes away, and handles regular flights from every corner of the globe. Once in Manila, Sun Cruises operates daily ferries from the old Hoverferry Terminal at the edge of Manila Bay at 08:00 for the 1-hour journey. The ferry returns to Manila at 14:30 but you can choose to stay overnight at the hotel.