Located just 50 miles from Manila, Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the Philippines. It is renowned for its cheap bars with scantily clad women offering more than just beer.

Not far from these bars is the old US Clark Airbase, now used effectively by the Philippine Air Force and budget airlines. The Americans occupied this air base from 1903 until their sudden departure in 1991, after Mount Pinatubo erupted and caused damage to the base and Angeles. At its peak, it housed 15,000 permanent residences and was set up like an American community with schools, movie theaters, bowling alleys and restaurants.

The city of Angeles is steeped in history. It was a major hub for allied forces during WWII and again for the US army for the duration of the Vietnam War. But in 1991, the Philippine senate voted in favor of ending the deal they had with the US, allowing them to use the land for their own air force base.

The damage left by the eruption in 1991 is not well seen now as the government has done a good job of cleaning it up, but the lava paths that descended into the city still remain and ramblers can follow the tracks back to the volcano.

Getting There & Away

Angeles has its own international airport serving mainly budget carriers to other destinations in the Southeast Asian community. Manila International Airport is only 50 miles away and a flight from the capital to Angeles City takes 15 minutes. Buses from Manila leave every half an hour for the 2-hour journey to Angeles City.

Things to Do

Angeles Attractions


Angeles notorious go-go bars are full of pretty girls and eager men.

Clark Airfield

Shopping, motor sports events and light aircraft trips can be found at the airfield.

Side trips from Angeles

Mount Pinatubo

The site of possibly the biggest eruption of the 20th century.

Onward Travel