Bounded by the South China Sea to the west, the humble town of Nasugbu is found in the Philippine province of Batangas. The first-class municipality features some of the country’s finest white sand beaches.

The best beaches with clear blue waters are located three to four kilometers to the north and can be accessed by banca boats from Wawa or Nasugbu. Diving enthusiasts will surely be delighted by the spectacular cove gardens of Maya-maya Beach which feature a wide variety of colorful marine life and belong to one of the best diving sites in the Philippines.

Several resorts along the shore offer comfortable lodgings and you will also find some excellent dining facilities in the region. Famous for its beach resorts, Nasugbu was declared a special tourism zone by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2007. Plans to create the Hamilo Coast, a 59 square-kilometer resort that includes Mt Pico de Loro National Park were due to be put into practice by 2008.

Travel to Nasugbu - getting there _ _

The travel distance from Manila and its international airport to Nasugbu is around 100kms via Tagaytay City, while the provincial capital, Batangas City, is about 70kms away. There are diverse bus services providing transportation to and from Nasugbu. Furthermore, jeepneys enter and leave the town from and to Tagaytay City at scheduled times. Within Nasugbu, tricycles are the major mode of transportation.

In brief

Worth it? If you are in the region and fancy fine beaches and some spectacular diving.

What to do: enjoy the beaches and some magnificent diving.

Best time to go: during the dry season between November and April.

How long? A couple of days to unwind in Nasugbu.

Nasugbu attractions

  • 1 - Beaches: the town features some of the finest beaches in the Philippines along with a superb diving site.
  • 1 - Diving: is a top pastime in Nasugbu, with Maya-maya Beach’s spectacular cove gardens drawing divers from across the world with their wide variety of colorful marine life.