Luzon Island Group is a collection of islands located in the northern Philippines. The group includes Luzon, Batanes and Babuyan islands to the north and Catanduanes, Mindoro, Romblon, Masbate and Marinduque to the south.

The area amounts to over 42,000 square miles and is the country’s major economic land, with Manila, the capital, situated on Luzon Island. Luzon Island is the most politically and economically important island in the group - and the Philippines - and Luzon Island Group joins the Visayas and Mindanao as one of only three main island groups in the country.

The star attraction of Luzon is, of course, Manila. The Philippine capital is home to the Intramuros walled city, which was built back in the 16th century and is encompassed by sturdy high walls and moats. This popular tourist attraction is home to the outstanding Manila Cathedral.

Laguna, known as the Town of Baths, is close to Manila and is well known for its hot sulphur springs. Situated 1,525 meters above sea level, the area is a cool retreat from the heat of the Philippines and is home to spectacular mountain views. The 2,000-year-old Banaue Rice Terraces are also found in the area and tourists flock here to see this UNESCO World Heritage site that was carved into the side of a mountain the Batad people.

The most significant caves on Luzon Island are known as the Crystal Caves. They are made from crystallized metamorphic rocks and are a popular place for tourists to visit. The most populous city in the Philippines is also located on Luzon, Quezon City, and this area is known for its sweeping mountains and volcanoes.

Angeles is also found on Luzon and is the Philippines’ nightlife hub, popular with sleazy men looking to meet young ladies. Past the go-go bars is some interesting history, however. But Philippine heritage is better discovered in the unique Spanish colonial town of Vigan, which is alive with a rich history. Its architecture ranges from Latin American to Asian and its quaint narrow streets are well worth exploring.

Set against a mountainous background, Baguio is also part of the island group and is a large city with high quality infrastructure like main roads, shopping malls and a whole range of bars and restaurants. The main reason to come here is to cool off, with the city known as the country’s summer capital.

Getting There & Away

Manila is located in Luzon and home to a large international airport that welcomes hundreds of flights a day from all over the world. Bangkok is a 3-hour flight from here and England is a 15-hour, 30-minute flight. Baguio is another popular tourist destination and is a 5-hour bus journey away or 50 minutes on a plane.

Things to Do

Luzon Island Group Attractions

Intramuros walled city Manila

A walled in part of the capital city that is home to many ancient buildings and architectural wonders that are surrounded by moats and walls.

Banaue Rice Terraces

2000 year old terraces built into the hills and are a unesco world heritage site.


There is some interesting history hidden among the go-go bars angeles is best known for.


Lovers of spanish colonial architecture should not miss this gem.


Clear water and beautiful beaches make this a great hangout.

Mount Pinatubo

An active volcano that can be found on luzon island that involves a two-day hike to its summit.

Mayon Volcano

An active volcano found in legaspi that hosts stunning views and interesting landscapes.

Robinsons Place Mall

A huge shopping mall in manila that has everything you could want, with air conditioning running throughout.

Malacanang Park Manila

This pretty park with a view of the malacanang palace is home to a golf course, a rest house, a recreation hall and billets for the presidential guard.

Manila Zoo

The zoo has aviaries, reptiles, elephants, monkeys and many other species as well as a petting area, and paddle boat rides on a large pond.

Quezon Memorial Circle Manila

A national park that is home to a monument and a gallery that is popular with tourists.

Enchanted Kingdom Amusement Park

An american style theme park with shows, rides, gardens and characters.

Splash Island

The largest water park in the country is filled with rides, pools and slides.

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