Masbate Travel Guide

Situated in the heart of the Philippine archipelago, Masbate is surrounded by the intense natural beauty of rolling hills. Many visitors use Masbate as a base to explore the nearby islands and beaches.

Masbate is a good place for those who like to stay active as there is plenty to do. The clear waters between Masbate and its neighboring islands contain shoals of colorful fish, making this a good place for diving and snorkeling, while the exotic coral is also intensely beautiful.

Masbate’s underground rivers are famous throughout the Philippines and many people visit in order to swim through cool caverns. Although generally quite quiet, Masbate comes alive in late April or early May to celebrate its cattle festival known as Rodeo Filipino, and this is a great time to visit.

Getting There & Away

The quickest way to reach Masbate is by plane from Manila (1 hour). There are also jeepneys to all major towns and cities near Masbate and a large cruise ship which stops at Masbate twice a week on its way to places such as Manila, Cebu City]] and Calbayou, as well as a daily service to Bulan (3 hours).

Things to Do

Masbate Attractions

Batongan Cave and underground river

Wander through this interesting cave and perhaps take a swim in the cool waters of the underground river.

Side trips from Masbate

Aroroy Beach

Situated to the northwest of the town of masbate, this peaceful beach features white sand and crystal clear water.


Rodeo Filipino

Late april or early may sees this lively cattle festival take masbate by storm.