Lake Taal is a freshwater lake in the PhilippinesBatangas Province. It is not an ordinary lake however as a small island in the center of the water is actually home to an active volcano.

It is a volcano within a lake on an island within a lake. Volcano Island, in the center of Lake Taal, contains another lake about two kilometers across called Crater Lake. Within this smaller lake lies another tiny island called Vulcan Point. It is this island that contains one of the Philippines’ most active and tiny volcanoes.

Tours of the lake are a hugely popular tourist excursion in the area. After crossing the lake on small boats, visitors walk to the top of Taal Volcano on horseback. Throughout the trip visitors are rewarded with extraordinary scenery of the lake, Taal Volcano and the surrounding countryside.

Visitors can enjoy trekking, kayaking, horseback riding and camping on the island. There’s even a resort, Crater Lake Resort, to let you intimately experience this truly unique natural phenomenon at your leisure.

Getting There & Away

Lake Taal is about 60kms from Manila, and there are ample tour bus services running transport to the area. Visitors can also take advantage of the daily public coaches that make the trip to Tagaytay. Manila’s international airport is one of the world’s busiest, and the closest to the lake. Alternatively, it is easy to rent a car at Manila’s airport and drive yourself to Lake Taal.

Onward Travel