Puerto Galera Travel Guide

The pretty town of Puerto Galera is a popular tourist destination famous for its natural beauty such as cool caves and sparkling waterfalls as well as a good range of entertainment options.

The picturesque beach areas are just a short trip away from Puerto Galera, and many people use the town as a base to explore the area. With one of the most picturesque harbor views in the Philippines, this is a great place to stroll in the late afternoon and evening.

Fishing is big business in Puerto Galera and it is easy to find fresh fish, prepared in the traditional style and also cooked to western tastes. Although the town tends to go to sleep early, there are a number of bars where you can order a glass of the local firewater and swap yachting and fishing stories with whoever happens to be there.

Getting There & Away

The easiest way to get to Puerto Galera is to take the Sikat bus service from the City State Tower Hotel in Manila. The service combines the bus journey with a ferry ride and takes about 6 hours. Ferries also arrive at Puerto Galera from Batangas and other islands.

Things to Do

Puerto Galera Attractions

Python Cave

Located about three kilometers outside of town, this cool cavern is said to be home to a two meter-long python.

Tamaraw Falls

Continue along the trail past the python cave and you will discover a 30 meter waterfall with a couple of cool pools for swimming in.