Poso Travel Guide

Poso is a minor port city in Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is more of a layover town rather than a holiday destination, and travelers are most likely to find themselves here en route to the Togean Islands.

An overnight in Poso is not a bad option when travel timetables require staying over. Tourists can even take a day to unwind, enjoying the town’s beaches, seafood restaurants and shops. The village itself is compact enough to see on foot, a welcome relief for those who would like a day off from the region’s sometimes spotty transportation network.

The main sites and attractions in Poso are beaches, where swimming and snorkeling are rewarding. If you stay more than an afternoon and evening in Poso, there are a few daytrip opportunities to outlying caves and waterfalls.

Lembomawo is a small craft village just a couple of miles outside of Poso. Those looking for souvenirs can pick up ebony wood carvings here. Shoppers can easily walk to the craft village, crossing two draw bridges along the way.

Getting There & Away

Poso is one of the most likely ports of call for those visiting Sulawesi. Travel around the island is slow going due to a major decline in tourism numbers. Palu is relatively close and can be reached by bus. From here regional flights are available to Palu and ultimately Manado, where regular connections to Jakarta International Airport are available.

Things to Do

Poso Attractions

Madale Beach

Three miles from the city proper, this beach is the most popular swimming and snorkeling destination in poso.

Toini Beach

Twice as far from town as madale beach, toini plays host to several seafood restaurants.

Side trips from Poso


There are two caves within daytrip distance

one at tombiano (20 miles) and tampenaporo (15 miles).