South Sulawesi is a province on the southwestern coast of Sulawesi Island. The capital of the province is Makassar (Ujung Pandang) and the highlights include volcanic mountains, beautiful beaches and lush countryside.

There are very few cultural or historical sights on offer; however, the real charm is found in the towns and the surrounding countryside. There are spectacular coral reefs to enjoy, pristine white beaches, colorful market towns in the highlands, sheer cliffs and underground caves.

The harbor town of Makassar was the primary port in the area throughout the 15th century, which helped South Sulawesi prosper and grow into a thriving area. Today, the port is still very busy, but with passenger cruises and ferries rather than trade ships.

Ke’te Kusu is a South Sulawesi village that has become a living museum boasting traditional houses (tongkonan) and beautiful scenery. Also worthy of a visit is Mount Sisean: towering above the villages below, this mountain is popular with climbers from all across Asia.

For a real escape from civilization visit the South Sulawesi islands. There are many small islands located just off the coast of South Sulawesi. These boast white sand, clear water and shady palms. The island of Pulau Samalona is popular for snorkeling and Lai Lai is inhabited and busy with overnight guests while Barrang is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs.

Before it became a region under Indonesian rule, South Sulawesi was a number of separate kingdoms housing many different ethnic tribes. Today the area is a must-see for anyone who likes beautiful nature. It is advisable to avoid visiting during the monsoon season and instead travel from April through October.

Makassar is the gateway to the region with its own international airport and busy port. Flights arrive from destinations throughout Southeast Asia as well as from domestic destinations across Indonesia. Once at the airport, there are buses, taxis and bemos to take passengers to towns across the region or into Makassar city center, 23kms away.

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