Tentena Travel Guide

This rustic town on Sulawesi, Indonesia is the dominate town on the northern shore of Poso Lake. At relatively high elevation (about 1,000 feet), Tentena with its jungles and diverse wildlife is an ideal outdoor escape for tourists in Indonesia.

The wildlife scene at Tentena is diverse. The lake is host to a unique type of eel and countless freshwater fish, while the surroundings jungles are home to monkeys and tropical birds. In all, two-thirds of the many animal species found here are unique to this region, and many are endangered and protected.

Tentena is more lively (and some would say more beautiful) than Pendolo, the much-smaller lakeside community on the opposite shore. The main activities in this part of Sulawesi are hiking, swimming and boating on the lake. Local attractions include Pamona Cave and the farther-afield Lore Lindu National Park.

All of the accommodation options are quaint and privately owned. Lakeside chalets and bungalows are the main venues. Most of these establishments cater to guests with meals though not always through a restaurant.

Getting There & Away

Tentena is the local transportation hub, but travel from here to larger cities on Sulawesi takes several hours. Manado is the main island gateway, with semi-regular flights to major cities like the Indonesian gateway, Manado, from where connections to Jakarta are possible.

Things to Do

Tentena Attractions

Poso Lake

This beautiful lake is ideal for swimming and boating, and facilities for both of these activities are widely available.

Sulewana Waterfall

Just a few miles from town, this series of waterfalls is a pleasant diversion.

Side trips from Tentena

Lore Lindu National Park

Trekking in this forest is increasingly popular, and tour guides are starting to offer six-day hikes from tentena to gimpu in the park.


Poso Lake Festival

Held every august, this is the local area’s most important celebration.