Ampana Travel Guide

Situated in central Sulawesi in central Indonesia, Ampana is a bit of a ramshackle port town with not much to do other than catch the ferry to the Togean Islands.

Ampana does, however, have some chilled seafront guest houses and horse drawn carts (dokars) for transport. Other than catching the ferry to the Togeans, the beaches in Ampana are the main draw. All up and down the coast are stunning white sandy beaches, many of which are empty and relaxed.

There is some good accommodation here and prices are a lot cheaper than anywhere in Java and Nusa Tenggara. The real attraction are the nearby Togean Islands, specifically Kadidiri and Melange. You can get to the latter by public ferry from Ampana, while Kadidiri is reachable by private speedboat from Waikai. Diving is the main activity in the Togean Islands.

Getting There & Away

The nearest airport is in Luwuk, 150kms to the east. Mutiara Airport in Palu, the Central Sulawesi capital, has more flight options including connections to Jakarta. Flights come in from Balikpapan and Makassar. Buses run from Palu to Ampana although they take the best part of a day. Ferries from Java take 24 hours.

Things to Do

Ampana Attractions

Ampana beaches

There are several nearby beaches where beachside accommodation is available.

Side trips from Ampana

Togean Islands

The main attraction in the region has several islands and excellent diving with incredible water visibility.