Kolonedale Travel Guide

Kolonedale is a little town located in southeast Central Sulawesi. It is a popular base for visits to the nearby Morowali Nature Reserve and has some half-decent facilities, including hotels, shops and restaurants.

The Morowali Nature Reserve is the main reason for staying in Kolonedale, a huge reserve that encompasses primary rainforest, plains and lakes and comes with all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures. There are dozens of bird species and the Tambayoli Valley is the best place to see them.

Morowali Nature Reserve is accessible by boat from Kolonedale in two hours and it is also possible to trek to it in six hours. The curious Wana people live within the reserve and you can spend the night in one of their huts. The UNESCO Lore Lindu National Park is also in this region of Central Sulawesi and can also be visited from Kolonedale.

Getting There & Away

Kolonedale is 6 hours by bus from the Central Sulawesi capital, Palu, where the gateway airport is. Mutiara Airport receives flights from Jakarta’s international airport in 2 hours. Tambayoli in Morowali Nature Reserve is a 2-hour boat ride from Kolonedale.

Things to Do

Kolonedale Attractions

Morowali Nature Reserve

A 2-hour boat ride away, this lush forest reserve is kolonedale’s main sight and has a wealth of wildlife.

Side trips from Kolonedale

Lore Lindu National Park

This park is registered by unesco for its depth in biodiversity and is a short trip from kolonedale.