Morowali Nature Reserve Travel Guide

The Morowali Nature Reserve is a remote, protected area in southern Central Sulawesi. Despite its being a massive area and being inherently beautiful, not many people visit due to the difficulty in getting here and the lack of facilities.

The main point of Morowali Nature Reserve is its stunning primary forest covering over 200,000 hectares of high mountains, low plains, swamps and lakes. There are all sorts of rarely seen animals here, as well as 170 species of birds. The Tambayoli Valley is the best spot for seeing raptors and water birds.

Hikers will really enjoy the Morowali Nature Reserve, owing to the many high mountains and established trails of the Wana people. Hut accommodation is generally available on the main trails but you’ll need to carry a tent in the remote mountain spots. Several villages serve the Morowali Nature Reserve, where tourists can hire a guide, although they will rarely speak English. Simple accommodation can be had in these villages.

Getting There & Away

Morowali Nature Reserve is best accessed through Kolonedale, a 6-hour bus ride from Palu, the main city in Central Sulawesi. From Kolonedale it is a 2-hour boat ride to Tambayoli, the main entrance to the western part of Morowali Nature Reserve. Mutiara Airport in Palu receives flights from Jakarta in 2 hours.