Tanjung Api National Park Travel Guide

This marine reserve in Indonesia picks up a sprinkling of tourists from Togean Island. The park is cut by a dramatic headland flanked with coral reefs and backed by fishing villages.

Literally translated, Tanjung Api means ‘fire cape’, a reference to the unique geological landscape. Nature fires occasionally light over pockets of escaping natural gas. As the park is a protected area, most visitors come during the day and then return to neighboring cities like Ampana in the evening.

One of the above-water highlights is the local wildlife. Macaque monkeys and two species of wild boar can be found here. The latter are easiest to spot in the morning and evening. Coming early in the morning also increase your chances of spotting rare tropical birds.

The national park has potential as a diving destination though the coral reefs have suffered at the hands of careless fishermen. Designating the area as a marine reserve has helped to raise awareness, and the reefs are growing into an important layer of local tourism.

Getting There & Away

Access is through Ampana, which can be reached by boat in around 2 hours. From Ampana, the next stop is Luwuk (roughly 6 hours away by boat or bus) where connecting flights to Manado open up regional connections. Jakarta’s international airport is Indonesia’s main gateway and it has regular links to Manado.