Togean Islands Travel Guide

In many ways, the Togean Islands are the quintessential beach paradise in Indonesia. Difficult to reach, these islands are a favorite with independent travelers, many of whom end up staying longer than planned.

The two best known islands are Pulau Kadidiri and Pulau Malenge. The entire archipelago, which rests offshore of Sulawesi, is accessible by ferry. The most popular activities are snorkeling and scuba diving, both of which benefit from the wide range of marine life. Underwater, the volcanic landscape hosts a colorful range of coral.

The cultural landscape of the Togean Islands is also fascinating. Seven distinct ethnic groups are found in the archipelago, each with their own customs and observances. Homestay is possible and in certain remote areas and is sometimes the only form of accommodation available.

Overall, there is a laid-back atmosphere at work on the Togean Islands. ATMs are non-existent so it’s essential to bring plenty of cash with you. The quietest islands may not even have open hotels, depending on the season. Most of the accommodation consists of wooden chalets and beach bungalows.

Getting There & Away

Ampana is the favored launching point for visits to the Togean Islands, with a 4-hour ferry connection. The fastest way in from Manado or Jakarta airports is to book a connecting flight to Luwuk and then drive or take a bus to Ampana (6 hours). Wakai is the usual landing point for ferries, and larger hotels and homestay operations meet their customers here and shuttle them to their accommodation free of charge.