Lore Lindu National Park Travel Guide

Lore Lindu National Park is a forest reserve in the south of Central Sulawesi Province. It contains stunning flora and fauna along with a collection of impressive 700-year-old stone megaliths.

Set up in 1992, Lore Lindu National Park has now become a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve owing to its excellent infrastructure. It encompasses a huge area of rift valleys and mountains of over 200,000 hectares and there are scores of bird species in the park, dozens of which are endemic to Sulawesi Island.

Lore Lindu National Park also has a large collection of interesting animals, including the dwarf buffalo, the even more curious babirusa pig/hippopotamus, and the tarsier (the world’s smallest primate). The Bada Valley is an important part of Lore Lindu National Park, containing as its does ancient megaliths.

Lore Lindu National Park is accessible from the Central Sulawesi capital, Palu, 100kms to the northwest.

Getting There & Away

Lore Lindu National Park is a 4-hour road journey from Palu, best done by hire car. Public transport runs as far as Kulawi, 80kms south of Palu, from where bemos may be chartered for the 20kms to the park entrance. Palu-Mutiara Airport is the nearest air gateway and receives flights from Bali and Jakarta.