Palu Travel Guide

Palu is the capital of Sulawesi, an island in the Indonesian archipelago known for its quiet national parks and superb diving opportunities. Palu itself has little to offer tourists other than a staging ground for expeditions into Lore Lindu National Park.

Palu is known for its dry weather. Even when rain is falling elsewhere on Sulawesi it is unlikely that Palu is seeing any. As a result, summers are especially hot while the cool season is comfortable and warm.

This city hasn’t enjoyed much celebrity except as an occupied Japanese stronghold during WWII. Today, most visitors pass through quickly en route to Lore Lindu National Park, where there are excellent trekking opportunities. Otherwise, Palu is best skipped in lieu of the island’s beach communities and resorts.

Getting There & Away

The most comfortable way to arrive at Palu is by boat, steering clear of the hot bus rides through the island’s interior. Access is through Pantoloan, a pier 15 miles north of Palu. Otherwise there are buses to Poso (6 hours), Ampana (11 hours) and Manado (24 hours). The latter has an airport with connections to Jakarta’s international gateway.

Things to Do

Palu Attractions

Central Sulwesi Province Museum

An interesting collection of artifacts and dioramas relating to local history as well as the many ethnic groups found in the region.

Side trips from Palu

Lore Lindu National Park

Just outside of palu is this national park, a favorite destination for trekkers.