Pendolo Travel Guide

Pendolo is an Indonesian hideaway on Sulawesi Island. It is a small and sleepy town on the shores of Lake Poso, one of Indonesia’s largest bodies of freshwater. Tourists come for the chance to escape the crowds while enjoying the lake.

While Pendolo is delightfully quiet, most visitors make Tentena their home base while visiting Lake Poso. Tentena is on the opposite (northern) shore and has more thorough facilities. With that in mind, Pendolo can be a great rustic escape for anyone with the notion to ride the ferry south from Tentena and spend the night.

Lake cottages are the standard form of accommodation. The general atmosphere is low key, and with the caliber of the lake’s early-morning mists, Pendolo can be an excellent overnight option for the right brand of visitor.

Always check your country’s travel advisories on the Poso Lake area before venturing in. Violence between religious groups breaks out occasionally and discourages tourists from visiting.

Getting There & Away

The fastest and easiest way into Pendolo is by ferry from Tentena (3 hours) though the spotty service depends on how many boats are in operable condition. The alternative is a bus from Tentena, a 6-hour journey due to poor road quality. Manado is Sulawesi’s transportation hub (but a considerable distance away), with outbound flights to Jakarta’s international airport, Indonesia’s main gateway.

Things to Do

Pendolo Attractions

Poso Lake

At nearly 1,000 feet above sea level, poso lake is a beautiful body of clear water that plays host to a unique collection of wildlife, two-thirds of which is endemic.