Luwuk Travel Guide

Luwuk is a picturesque town and the capital of Banggai Regency in eastern Central Sulawesi. It has an airport and is the best way in to reach the beautiful Banggai Islands and Togian Islands.

Traditionally, Luwuk was little visited by tourists due to its relative remoteness, no airport and few ferry connections. With the advent of the new airport, things have taken off and it is much easier to fly here than take a bus from Palu for the diving in the Banggai Islands and Togian Islands.

Luwuk has a couple of universities and enjoys a pretty setting over a bay. There are now many hotels and guest houses along with some decent shopping, eating and banks. The diving in this region of Sulawesi is superb and away from the main zones. There are hundreds of islands to seek out and island hopping by speedboat is a popular pastime.

Getting There & Away

Luwuk Airport receives regular connections from Manado (North Sulawesi) and Palu - the Central Sulawesi capital, which is 350kms to the west. It’s only a 30-minute flight from Palu and flying saves an entire day on a bus. Arriving by boat in Luwuk is by way of Makassar to Manado aboard Pelni ships.

Things to Do

Luwuk Attractions

Luwuk setting

Luwuk’s main attraction is its setting on a hillside over a bay on the banda sea, with the banggai islands across the water.

Side trips from Luwuk

Banggai Islands

The banggais are just south of luwuk and are the main reason for visiting, with their top diving and island hopping.

Togian Islands

The togians are located to the north and have even better diving then the banggais as well as decent tourist facilities.