Tanjung Karang Travel Guide

Known for its developed beach, Tanjung Karang is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia’s Sulawesi region. In this part of the world, popularity is a matter of scale, and the beaches here see less than 200 international tourists each year.

With that in mind, Tanjung Karang is a great place to enjoy swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing without contending with crowds of any size. The beach is sandy and white, with a few bungalows and beachfront hotels onsite. Fresh seafood is a strong local commodity.

Inland from the beach is a rich, tropical jungle where tourists can enjoy hikes and bird watching. While there aren’t many outright tour agencies in town, visitors can hook up with local guides who know the forest well and can lead hikes to interesting natural features like waterfalls and caves.

Getting There & Away

The closest transportation hub to Tanjung Karang is Palu, one of the most important cities on Sulawesi. Most visitors come and go via Palu, either by sea (via Pantoloan pier) or air (via Palu’s airport). Quick flights connect to the international airport in Jakarta, where a range of international connections are offered.

Things to Do

Tanjung Karang Attractions


The number-one pastime at tanjung karang centers on the beautiful coral reefs that are just offshore.

Scuba diving

For more dedicated underwater explorers, boats can be chartered to reefs anywhere from 5 to 90 minutes out. the best dive sites feature stunning coral gardens and sheer drop-offs where large fish congregate.