The province of Southeast Sulawesi is located in the southeast of Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. This beautiful area has a rich history and heritage dating back thousands of years. Southeast Sulawesi has a population of 1.2 million people made up of five native Indonesian groups.

The region covers over 38,000 square kilometers and boasts stunning untouched landscape made up of thick rainforests, rolling mountains and impressive waterfalls. Southeast Sulawesi is one of the most remote areas of Sulawesi, with limited transportation between villages and towns. The main mode of transport to the region is by ferry or plane to the four regional airports.

Southeast Sulawesi has two cities and seven regencies. The capital city of Kendari is the most visited by tourists and has panoramic views over the Banda Sea and a stunning waterfall 65kms east of the city center. Bau Bau is the other city and another popular destination for tourists. Bau Bau is easily reached by ferry from both Jakarta and Kendari.

Accommodation in Southeast Sulawesi varies from inexpensive beach huts to more comfortable resorts that are nevertheless still basic with limited luxuries. Some of the province’s highlights include Buton Island, Muna Island and the west area of Bone Bay. The best time to visit this relatively untouched area of Sulawesi is between April and October, the driest time.

Southeast Sulawesi has four regional airports located in: Kendari, Buton, Kolaka and Muna. These airports have limited flights connecting from Makassar, South Sulawesi]] and Jakarta. There are several ferry operators providing sea connections in between cities of the province as well as from Jakarta and some main cities of South Sulawesi.

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