Marigondon Beach Travel Guide

Marigondon Beach is arguably one of the finest public beaches in the Philippines. Located on popular Mactan Island, its sand and sea rivals even the lofty climes of legendary Boracay.

The sand is white and fluffy, and the sea a translucent shade of turquoise. These two factors combine to make both swimming and lounging at the beach a memorable experience. Marigondon is one of the more popular beaches on Mactan, especially with the locals on the weekends. This allows visitors to get a rare glimpse at local family life without the tourism vibe.

There are superb coral reefs just 300 yards off the beach, making Marigondon a hot spot for scuba divers due to its easy accessibility. The thriving reef here has an abundance of plant and sea life, with the amazing Marigondon Cave standing out as the highlight of any underwater excursion in the area.

Getting There & Away

Marigondon Beach is just minutes by car from Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the Philippines‘ second-busiest airport. Both domestic and international flights arrive steadily every day from regional cities, though the vast majority arrive from Manila. This makes it easy to connect to Mactan Island via Manila from just about anywhere in the world. Mactan Island is also connected to neighboring Cebu Island by two bridges and it takes less than an hour to reach bustling Cebu City.