Siquijor Travel Guide

The mysterious island of Siquijor in the Philippines is shrouded with an allure that stems from its links with magic, potions and oils made by local witches and shamans.

It used to be known as the ‘land of fire’ because swarms of fireflies take to the skies at sunset and light up the darkness with a fascinating glow. Away from the local Harry Potters, there is plenty to do and see here and most of the attractions are based on the natural landscape of the island.

Siquijor’s ties with sorcery both attract tourists and keep them away, with many superstitious Filipinos choosing to avoid the island altogether. The natural beauty spots on the island are fairly untouched and include a protected park, waterfalls, caves and unbeatable beaches.

Siquijor is highly spiritual and some of the small villages and towns invite tourists to try their potions and oils and dabble in their darker side. If visiting the Filipino Sycorax doesn’t appeal to you then simply relax on the beaches, swim in the clear ocean and visit the caves and various untarnished landscapes that make Siquijor what it is.

The island is home to many choices of accommodation, from a small scattering of five-star resorts to hundreds of beach huts and bungalows. The restaurants specialize in seafood that is locally caught and some of the freshest you may ever taste.

Getting There & Away

Manila is home to the nearest international airport and from Manila there are regular 1-hour flights to nearby Dumeguete. From Dumeguete, there are many ferries that go to Siquijor (45 minutes). Cebu is a 3-hour boat journey from Siquijor and a 20-hour bus journey from Manila.