This Philippines city is in the Cebu City greater metropolitan area. It isn’t likely to land on tourists’ radars except as a minor transportation junction. Recent growth has revitalized the city and shaken off old notoriety.

A booming firearms industry began here in the 20th century, and running alongside it was a vein of corruption. Things changed, and today’s leading industrial player is an electronics factory based out of Japan.

The only time tourists are likely to find themselves in Danao is after landing at the seaport. In most cases, it makes sense to head straight for Cebu City where the hospitality scene is well-established. Those who choose to linger in Danao will glimpse candid Filipino life.

Getting There & Away

The national highway connects directly to Cebu City, which is 20 miles away and can be reached in 30 to 45 minutes. The airport in Cebu City is well-connected to destinations all over Asia and to cities across the archipelago including Manila (1 hour). The Danao Seaport is used for connections to the Camotes Islands (2 to 4 hours).

Things to Do

Danao Attractions

St Tomas Villanueva Church

Built in the 18th century, this church has been renovated several times.

Sands Beach

Danao’s main stretch of sand is a popular local hangout with few facilities.

Seaside Boulevard

This new coastal walkway has plenty of shade and a peaceful atmosphere.