The northern half of skinny, mountainous Cebu Island is where things flatten out a bit around towns such as Bogo and Daanbantayan. A wealth of natural scenery awaits visitors, as well as dozens of interesting islands.

Destinations: Bantayan IslandMalapascua IslandSogodTabuelan

Heading north from Cebu City one comes to the lovely town of Sagod, with its perfect beaches, deep cave systems, and great scuba diving. Several islets, such as Gato and Calanggaman are nearby, offering lagoons, reefs and caves ideal for exploration.

Off the northern coast lie Bantayan Island, Poro Island, Pacijan Island and numerous other islets that each offer their own blend of incredible outdoor recreation and local culture. At the far northern tip of Cebu the landscape levels out, offering a chance for agriculture and a sprinkling of small towns.

San Remedio, Medellin, Bogo and Daanbantayan are all good towns to spend a day or two while exploring the far north. But most visitors head to North Cebu to tap into some of the best undeveloped scuba diving in the world. Sites like Capitancillo Islet are far enough from the bustle of Mactan to warrant making the effort to venture away from the popular spots and into the hinterlands.

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Things to Do

Capitancillo Islet

This tiny island sits in the middle of two miles of delicious coral reef just waiting to be explored.

Bantayan Island

This beautiful large island off the northern tip of cebu is a great destination to end your trip.


This town offers lots of caves, beautiful beaches and great diving sites without much tourism.

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