On Cebu Island, Cebu City is the oldest city in the Philippines and has a great deal to offer tourists. This is a well-established metropolis complemented by white-sand beaches, colonial heritage and solid transportation links.

Nicknamed the ‘Queen of the South’, Cebu City is the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines. It is rich in history and is known as fateful place where Magellan met his end in 1521. Today’s most popular historic relics are the crumbling fort and rebuilt church, both dating to the mid-16th century.

Cebu has the big-city appeal of Manila without the traffic and metropolitan hassles. Even so, it is well connected with prominent airports, a thriving seaport and a few enormous shopping centers.

The nightlife is concentrated on Mango Avenue and Square, where you’ll find a collection of karaoke clubs, bars, discos and a few seedier establishments. One of the five-star hotels operates a casino on the waterfront.

Getting There & Away

Cebu City’s airport is about 30 minutes out of town on an outlying island. Taxis will take you to the city center via a connecting bridge. Regular flights from the airport connect to Manila (1 hour) and a host of major cities across Southeast Asia. The only other way of reaching Cebu is by ferry, and the local seaport is connected to dozens of islands across the region.