Bohol Travel Guide

Home of the tarsier monkey and Chocolate Hills, Bohol Island is one of the Philippines‘ most interesting and spectacular destinations. It is one of the largest islands in the archipelago and features more beaches than anywhere.

The long, white sandy beaches are the main draw of Bohol and most of them feature palm-lined sands and inviting blue waters. In the interior of the island is plenty of variation, with excellent scope for hiking; in particular around the Chocolate Hills area in the center of the island, near Carmen.

Diving is the number one activity on Bohol and visitors can swim with dolphins as well as go whale spotting. The tarsier monkey is another of Bohol’s highlights. It is a rare and minute monkey with strange features and massive eyes. The Tarsier Visitors Center has been specially set up for them.

Be sure to check out the many market towns in Bohol where tourists can pick up beautifully hand-carved wood for a snip. Tagbilaran City in the southwest of Bohol is the main shopping mecca on the island, with the likes of the popular Bohol Quality Mall.

Getting There & Away

There are direct daily flights to Bohol (Tagbilaran Airport) from Manila as well as from Cebu just across the water. Tagbilaran City is a 1-hour flight from Manila and around 20 minutes from Cebu. Alternatively you can take a bus and boat combination here.

Things to Do

Bohol Attractions

Chocolate Hills

This unusual geological formation is one of the main attractions in bohol, featuring around 1,300 drumlin-like domes that were created by volcanic activity and turn brown in the dry season.

Tagbilaran City

The main city on bohol island has a lot going for it, with tons of hotels and restaurants as well as the best shopping on the island.

Side trips from Bohol

Cebu City]]

Just to the north of bohol island, cebu is one of the main cities in the country and is good as a gateway for bohol.


Tagbilaran City Fiesta

Features several nights of concerts leading up to the main event on may 1.