Boracay Travel Guide

Boracay is one of the most sought-after resort destinations in the Philippines and has steadily been gaining popularity since the early 1990s. Crowds rush in during peak season to lay back and soak up the sun, surrounded by intense natural beauty and crystal clear water.

Visitors to Boracay are treated to good weather all year round as it is sheltered from the easterly typhoons that affect many parts of this region. Boracay is well known for its spectacular sunsets, and walking along the shore at the end of the day is a popular pastime, while many choose to sit on the sand and dine on fresh seafood while they watch the dying of the day.

Tourism officially kicked off on Boracay about 30 years ago, and since the 1970s an average of 10 resorts have sprung up every year. Hotels line the white-sand beaches and offer rows of beach chairs and water-sport facilities. Jet-skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving and wind surfing are especially popular.

White Beach is the most popular swatch of real estate, and this is where visitors will find the densest spread of hotels, restaurants, shops and bars. The Shangri-La was the first major hotel chain to arrive on the scene, but rumor says Hilton, Hyatt and others are on the way.

Other beaches worth visiting include Puka Beach, much quieter than White Beach; Baling Hai Beach, equally peaceful and with a few fine restaurants; and Bulabog Beach, especially attractive to windsurfers.

With an abundance of good food, accommodation and natural beauty, Boracay could be described as a perfect piece of paradise. Many people end up spending far longer than they had originally planned here, seduced by the warm weather and natural beauty.

Getting There & Away

There are regular flights to Kalibo Airport from Manila (30 minutes). Takethe air-conditioned bus from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan and then the boat from Caticlan harbor to Boracay (the bus trip takes 90 minutes and the boat 30 minutes). It is also possible to fly directly from Manila to Caticlan Airport (60 to 90 minutes), although flights are infrequent.

Things to Do

Boracay Attractions

Boracay White Beach]]

Lay back and soak up the sun for a few hours on the powdery white sand and swim in the crystal clear sea to cool off.

Scuba diving

Diving is a major pastime on boracay, and there are dozens of dive shops in the white beach area alone.

Boracay Point Lighthouse

Originally built in 1857 by the spanish, this well-known landmark, a 72-foot tall tower, is still in use today to guide ships away from the treacherous rocks around the coastline.

Taman National Turtle Sanctuary

This large turtle sanctuary is a great place to watch turtles swimming in man-made pools and to learn more about them.

Baling Hai Beach

A peaceful beach where vacationers can enjoy swimming and snorkeling by day, followed by first-rate dining by night.

Puka Beach

This beach on the north side of the island is lined by shady palm trees and offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Bat Cave

On the west side of boracay, this cave hosts a colony of bats and is touted by local tour guides.

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