Bogo is a brand new city in the Philippines situated along the northern coast of Cebu Island. It fosters a few out-of-the way resorts that give tourists an alternative to the hustle of Mactan Island or Cebu City.

At its heart, Bogo is a fishing village. Its recent cityhood has been called into question by the Filipino court system, but that doesn’t change the fact that investors are starting to take notice. In either event, Bogo is the most important city in the north of Cebu.

Realistically, there’s little reason for tourists to visit Bogo. The exception is those who are arriving on Cebu via an alternative ferry route that docks here. In that event, it may be convenient to stay the night in Bogo before traveling on to more prominent sites in Cebu.

Getting There & Away

The port is one of Bogo’s important assets, providing limited transport to destinations north of Cebu. It takes about 4 hours to travel overland between Bogo and Cebu City, where passengers can capitalize on more thorough transportation links. The airport in Cebu City is connected to Manila (1 hour) through regular flights as well as to capitals throughout southern Asia.

Things to Do

Bogo Attractions

Virgin Mary Shrine

This modern religious structure is one of bogo’s defining landmarks.


Bogo Town Fiesta

This colorful event is held every year on may 27 and honors san vincente, the city’s patron saint.