The pristine sand and sea around Mactan Island make it one of the Philippines‘ most popular beach destinations. Located just off the southwest of Cebu Island, Mactan is an easily accessed vacation paradise.

Mactan Island has been well developed to cater to tourism. It has some of the nicest resorts in the country and does a good job blending its natural resources with its historic legacy. The first battle between Europeans and Filipinos was fought here in 1521, as well as the famous death of the explorer Magellan at the hands of the local leader. Both sites are marked by memorials.

But most visitors come for the beaches, which are soft and white, and the scuba diving, which is considered some of the best in the world. Mactan is the scuba diving capital of the southern Philippines, offering plenty of magnificent underwater sites for beginners and experts alike.

Mactan is also a great place to enjoy wind surfing, boating and other water sports. Just about any sea activity can be arranged through the resorts and tour shops. Culturally, Mactan is famous for its production of musical instruments, especially ukeleles and guitars. There is also the decent Aquarium Museum on the island, the only such facility in the Visayas region.

Getting There & Away

Easy access is guaranteed by Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the main air hub for the southern Philippines and the nation’s second-busiest airport. The airport is just minutes from most of the popular beach resorts. Regular domestic and international flights arrive here from many parts of the world, usually passing through Manila’s airport on the way. Mactan is also connected to the larger Cebu Island by two bridges, allowing convenient access to bustling Cebu City.

Onward Travel